The world is always in need of volunteers, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the “stay home” order in place, volunteering might look a little bit different now than it did before. Here are four easy ways to help your community without leaving your home:

1. Donate to Hospitals

Since the start of COVID-19, a huge concern is the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals. Check out Get Us PPE, a website that connects people and facilities in need of supplies with those who can donate to fill those needs. If you don’t have extra PPE (like gloves and facemasks) lying around your house to donate, consider making PPE to help fill the supply gap. The website includes resources and guidelines for making PPE, from face masks and shields to medical gowns and goggles.

2. Ease Loneliness 

Due to a new stay-at-home lifestyle, many people in your community are struggling with loneliness right now. Reach out to those in your network who may be hurting. Spend some virtual time with them to see how they are really doing. A phone call with your grandmother, a video chat with your sibling, or a text exchange with your friend might be a huge service to them.

Also, don’t let this time stop you from making new friends. Reach out to a local nonprofit or healthcare facility to see if they know of anyone who could benefit from a new penpal during this lonely time. Your friendship could make all the difference to them.

3. Support Local Businesses

Tired of cooking at home or eating frozen pizzas? Treat yourself and support a local business by ordering takeout. If possible, include a tip for the staff. The suspension of indoor dining means that many employees aren’t receiving the normal tips they rely on for paying rent and buying food.

4. Start an Online Fundraising Campaign

Raise awareness and boost funding for your preferred charity by launching an online fundraising campaign. Here is a link to several nonprofits responding to the pandemic that could use your support. No matter which organization you choose, your campaign could make a real impact in helping those affected by the virus.

The beauty of modern-day technology is that we don’t have to break social distancing rules to help our community. Reach out to others in one of these four ways, or come up with one of your own that better aligns with your personality or talents. You’ll strengthen your shared community by supporting someone with a specific need while you stay home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.