COVID-19 has hit many small businesses hard over the course of the pandemic. While outdoor dining is allowed, restaurants have to work extra hard to stay in business during this time when indoor dining is not an option. Washington Place is lucky to be surrounded by lots of small local restaurants with delicious food. If you want to make sure they stay open, here are three ways you can support small restaurants in your community during this time.

Dine Outdoors or Order Takeout

One great way to support small restaurants is to dine outdoors if you feel comfortable or order takeout. If you have a few favorite local restaurants, consider dining outdoors or ordering takeout from them once or twice a week to keep them open and cooking. Delivery is another great option to get food safely from local restaurants, although be cautious about using third-party delivery services: Some of them take a cut from the restaurant’s profits. If you are looking for recommendations for a good restaurant to try, Woody’s Diner is only ten minutes away and offers a delicious takeout breakfast. 

Buy Gift Cards

If you want to support small restaurants but are hesitant to order takeout, another option for you is to buy gift cards and merchandise. Gift cards allow you to give restaurants a boost now but come back to the restaurant whenever you wish. They also make great gifts for friends. If you think your friend would enjoy a delicious Italian dinner, try grabbing them a gift card for Tutto Fresco, which has both takeout and a drive-through option. 

Leave Good Reviews

One easy way to support your local restaurants is to leave them reviews. Boosting their ratings on sites like Yelp will help your favorite spots stick out from the crowd and find new customers. If the restaurant has a social media account, you could share that too through a post or tweet. El Yaqui Tacos y Mariscos, a local seafood taco restaurant, has a Yelp page that is just waiting for your reviews! 

If you have restaurants you love in the community, don’t be afraid to support them in any way you are able. We are so lucky to have so many surrounding us at Washington Place, so let’s do our part to keep them here!