There’s really nothing better than eating a good burger. Burgers are so loved, in fact, that there are over 50,000 burger joints located across the country today! If you are in search of a good burger here in Santa Ana, California, 1st Street Burger House serves up a classic burger that won’t disappoint. Here are three reasons to check out this local spot!

They are Passionate about What They Do

When you go to 1st Street Burger House, it is clear that they are passionate about what they do. On the homepage of the 1st Street Burger House website, the owners state, “Our Story is simple. We are two life-long friends who had one goal in mind: to create a quality product and bring it to our customers. . . . Our core mission is to serve fantastic signature burgers in a beautiful setting, with a friendly and exceptional service.” 

There is something special about eating at a place where the owners have a genuine love for the food that they prepare. It’s easy to see that this is the case with 1st Street Burger! 

They Keep Burgers Simple

At 1st Street Burger, they keep things simple. Trying too hard to embellish a burger can take away from something that’s already really good! 1st Street Burger explains, “Custom blends may be all the rage but for us 100% chuck is the purest expression of burger happiness. . . . We like them with a few premium toppings that are there for a reason, not just to sound good, or with hopes of going viral.” 

These burgers really keep things to the basics, but in the best way possible! The burgers are made with USDA 100 percent beef and mainly topped with simple garnishes and condiments like fresh lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and their house sauce. Their classic, mouth-watering burgers won’t disappoint.

There’s More to the Menu

Although the burgers at 1st Street Burger are enough to keep you happy, there’s actually a lot more to enjoy! There’s an appetizing selection of classic breakfast foods, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, salads, sides, and shakes, in addition to their delicious burgers. Like their burgers, all the food is simple but done right! Check out their full menu to see all of the great things that they have. And just a heads up: You can even order online!

Make sure to go check out 1st Street Burger here in Santa Ana, California. They are passionate about what they do, keep it simple, and have a lot of great food to serve! And if you are looking for even more reasons to love Santa Ana, come take a look at Washington Place Apartment Homes. You’ll love what we have to offer!